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[Acticity] Ho Ho Ho Santa Surprise!

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    [Acticity] Ho Ho Ho Santa Surprise!

    Postby ModFiona » Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:33 am

    Castlot Team wish you guys Merry Christmas!
    There'll be a new Christmas event for all players and provide you more rewards.

    Event 1. Xmas Surprise Delivery
    Santa’s coming to Castlot and will give you a surprise! Collect as much as Jingle Bells as you can and see what Santa surprise you will have.

    Time: 09:00, Dec 18 – Dec 25, 2015 (EST)

    All players will receive 1 Xmas Sock. In Xmas Eve, Santa will put the gifts into your Xmas Socks base on your accumulated Jingle Bells, and you can open the Xmas Sock to get gift on Christmas, the more Jingle Bells you have, the better the gifts you will get.

    During this event, you can receive 2 Xmas Hats every day on the Activity panel, which are used to take part in the Christmas event and exchange for RedHeart. They can also be obtained in Explore (solo mode) and in Shop – Function Item tab.

    Xmas Sock

    Xmas Hat


    Event 2. Ho Ho Ho Santa Surprise
    Come to see how lucky you are and what surprise you can get!

    Time: 09:00, Dec 18 – Dec 25, 2015(EST)


    1. After entering into the activities panel, players can click Image button to start the game.
    Every time you click [Start] or [Start Again], it will consume 1 Xmas Hat.


    2. There are 9 Gift Packages on the panel, which have three different levels: Low Level, Medium Level and Advanced Level. The original default Gift Package is low-level Gift Package. Players can randomly open the Gift Package. There may be Jingle Bell, Xmas Gift, monsters, and Santa Claus in the Gift Package.

    Xmas Gift S Image Xmas Gift L Image
    Xmas Gift XL Image Elf-Dragon Image
    Goblin Image Spirit Image
    Copper Jingle Bell Image Silver Jingle Bell Image Golden Jingle Bell Image

    3. The opened Gift Package will remain opened after the players obtained Jingle Bell and Xmas Gift. Players can continue to open the remaining Gift Package. When there is Santa Claus in the Gift Package, players will get higher-level Gift Package. The Gift Package will be reset according to current level of Gift Package.

    Santa Claus

    4. Players have 3 RedHearts at the beginning of the game. When there is Elf-Dragon/Goblin/Spirit in the Gift Package, the RedHearts will be reduced according to the level corresponding. For each round of opening Package,
    • If you open an Elf-Dragon, one RedHeart will be reduced.
    • If you open a Goblin, it’ll take you two RedHearts.
    • The first Spirit you open will cost you one RedHeart, the second Spirit will cost you two RedHearts, and the third one will cost you three.

    Game is over when RedHeart is reduced to zero. Players can also restore RedHeart by consuming 1 Xmas Hat before the game is over. Players can repeatedly restore RedHeart up to 3.


    5. Rewards for Xmas Gift:

    Note: all the Xmas Gift would go to your Depot automatically right after you open it, and you can open it in Depot as well.

    --------How do I enter the Ho Ho Ho Santa Surprise?-----------

    There’re three ways you can take part in the event.
    1.Enter from the Activity – XmasSurprise Delivery Panel.

    2.Enter from the Cottage, which will turn into a Snowman during event.

    3.Click the GO button of Xmas Hat in your Depot.

    Event 3. Fab Xmas Castle in World
    Come and make your Castle look fabulous in World!

    Time: 09:00, Dec 18 – Dec 25, 2015(EST)

    As long as you gather 36 Golden Jingle Bells, you can use them to claim a fabulous castle with special decoration, and it will last till 0:00, Feb 1, 2015.

    --------How to claim a Xmas Castle?---------
    In right side of the Santa Surprise panel, you can check the amount of your Golden Jingle Bells, and once you gather 36, you can click on the CLAIM button and get the Xmas Castle. And you can also check who else has got one.

    Event 4. Xmas Surprise Gift
    Time to check out what Santa left in your Xmas Socks!

    Time: 09:00, Dec 25 – Dec 28, 2015(EST)

    Players can use the Xmas Socks to get the Xmas Surprise Gift according to the accumulated Jingle Bells. The Xmas Socks will disappear after being used.

    Exchange rules of Xmas Socks:
    1) Every 5 Golden Jingle Bells can exchange 1 Xmas Gift XL.
    When the amount of Golden Jingle Bell is less than 5, each Golden Jingle Bell can exchange 1 Xmas Gift L.

    2) Every 5 Silver Jingle Bells can exchange 1 Xmas Gift L.
    When the amount of Silver Jingle Bell is less than 5, each Silver Jingle Bell can exchange 1 Xmas Gift S.

    3) Every 5 Copper Jingle Bells can exchange 1 Xmas Gift S.
    When the amount of Copper Jingle Bell is less than 5, the copper Jingle Bell cannot exchange Xmas Gift.

    Note: At 00:00 on the Dec 28th, all Xmas Socks will be recycled. If you have Xmas Sock not used, the corresponding Xmas Gift will be delivered to the player via in-game mails according to the accumulated amount of Jingle Bells automatically.


    Castlot Team
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    Re: [Acticity] Ho Ho Ho Santa Surprise!

    Postby 30528 » Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:31 am

    Merry Christmas? As indicated on the writeup, in the medium of the three levels of play in this events, a goblin may eat up one or two hearts even though all goblins are labelled with a "1" in the lower right corner. Out of 33 consecutive observations at the large level of play 29 of them finished the available hearts without any gifts, in part because getting two spirits in a row is a common occurrence.