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[Activity] Heart of Thanksgiving

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    [Activity] Heart of Thanksgiving

    Postby ModFiona » Fri Oct 28, 2016 3:03 am

    This Thanksgiving, how can you miss out on a great Thanksgiving dinner! While looking at the recipe, you find that a turkey is missing. This turkey has flown over the crock pot into the legendary world of Castlot and transformed into the super mount Queen Turkey! Now put on your medieval outfit and catch her! How can a juicy turkey escape the dinner table!

    Activity Rules
    1. During this event, players will have a good chance to receive the "Heart of Thanksgiving" each time they open the caskets with silver or golden keys in Explore as well as TWICE the usual Prestige and Exp, battle in the Babel Tower or buy Diamonds (one Heart of Thanksgiving for every 50 Diamonds).
    2. The Hearts of Thanksgiving can be used to exchange for the once-a-year legendary Thanksgiving equipment.
    3. Please note that you will not be able to exchange when the event ends and all your unused Hearts of Thanksgiving will be recycled automatically by the system at 1,000 Gold per heart.

    Exchange Chart


    Heart of Thanksgiving


    Thanksgiving Equipment

    Fireplume Hat (Legendary level Helmet)


    Queen Turkey (Legendary level Mount)


    Event details can also be viewed by clicking on the Activity trophy icon on the upper right area of the screen and then clicking the Run! Queen Turkey Run! tab.


    How to Exchange for and Evolve Equipment?
    There are 3 different methods to access theExchange or Evolve panel:


    a. Click on any of the Hearts of Thanksgiving in your Depot and then press the Go button on the right-hand side.
    b. Click on the Run! Queen Turkey Run! event on the Activity panel and then press the Exchange button.


    c. All cottages will change into Pumpkin Houses during this event. Click on a Pumpkin House and then press the Enter button.


    Heads Up
    a. The equipment evolution function of this event offers the Double and Triple Upgrade options allowing players to use a small number of Diamonds to increase the Exp gain.


    b. You will get one Heart of Thanksgiving for every 50 Diamonds in a one-time purchase during this event. The Hearts of Thanksgiving will be sent to you via in-game mail right after your purchase of Diamonds is confirmed. No limit to the number of purchases but extra Diamonds in a one-time purchase won't be carried over to the next one-time purchase.