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[Activity] Finding C-A-S-T-L-O-T

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    [Activity] Finding C-A-S-T-L-O-T

    Postby IdeaChannel » Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:15 am

    Castlot's footprints have reached every corner of the Avalon continent. If you look carefully, you will find the trail. Powerful war elements, dreamy gear and other big surprises are waiting for you! Hop on your horse now and start searching!

    During this event, you will receive letters "C", "A", "S", "T", "L", "O" by battling in Explore (solo or team-up) and Babel Tower, challenging in Arena (against Race Up NPCs or other players), and robbing wildland in World.

    Collect these letters and you can exchange for the following rewards.
    Rewards as Magic Potions are updated on Jul 31, 2014, and Lv130 Yellow Equipment Box is added as well.

    3 days after the end of this event, all your unused letters will be recycled by the system at 1,000 Gold per letter.

    How to exchange letters for rewards?

    a. Click on any of the letters in your Depot and then press the Go button on the right-hand side.
    b. Click on the Finding C-A-S-T-L-O-T event on the Activity panel on the top right area of your screen and then press the Exchange button to access the Exchange panel.