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[Guide]A Guide for Lv0 to Lv20

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    [Guide]A Guide for Lv0 to Lv20

    Postby IdeaChannel » Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:41 pm

    When you first start the game, the fastest way to upgrade your level is to follow and complete the quests. The first bunch of quests serves as beginner’s guides. Most of them have pictures to show you what to do besides words. When you finish the quests, you will get Exp, resources, gold, Magic Potions, equipment, or other useful items such as cards, jewelries, cross medals. After you finish one quest, the next will show up.

    This guide will provide you with simple explanations about some question may occur to you during your leveling up from 0 to 20, such as how to place Goblin and Goblin Case, use and activate Scroll, upgrade your hereditary, etc.

    Click on a specific quest on the transparent quest panel on the lower right of the main interface or click on the Quest icon which looks like a book on the shortcut bar on the bottom right to enter the quest panel.

    How to view the battle?
    It’s an easy thing to complete this quest, just simply click on the View the battle in the Quest guide, and it will lead you to the end.

    If you don’t want to view it till the end, you can choose the Close on the right bottom.

    How to place Goblin/Sly Goblin?
    Placing a Sly Goblin is one part of the tutorial, however, someone may feel rush to follow the tutorial and miss the exact step of operation. We have a post of this on our forum, you can check out details in HERE.

    What do I have in my troops?
    When you’re guided to recruit soldiers, you may wonder what soldier you could have and what they can do for you, even though as a newbie you could have only 1 kind of them. HERE is an introduction for you to know about your troops.

    Where could I obtain Cross Medal?
    Of course, you can purchase Cross Medal in shop, which is the most convenient and fastest way. There’s another way to get it, in Explore. In the end of path, you could find a Chest with different level. Once you defeat it, you’ll get Cross Medal for your hereditary upgrading.

    Reset time of Chest is06:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 21:00 (Server Time).

    How to activate the Scrolls?
    Some player feel confused to complete this quest, HERE is an instruction for you.

    How to upgrade my hereditary?
    Click on your avatar and enter the Player Info, you can find the requirement for hereditary upgrading. You have to collect enough Cross Medals, Prestige and the Promotion quest.

    As long as you follow the main quest and complete them, the Promotion quest will show up.

    How can my hero be healthy again?
    After a fighting, you may want to continue a next one but your HP is not full, don’t worry about that. The HP will be full again automatically, 10% each minute. If you don’t want to wait for that long, you can use Life Potion, it would restore HP for you. That means each time after fighting, even though your HP bar is not full, as long as your life potion’s available, you can go for the next fighting right away.

    Sell orders in Market.
    Market is a place for players buying and selling resources, timber, iron, stone and crops. You can change your order any time you want. For instance, you put 1000 timber on sell, with price of 0.1. You may expect to get 100 Gold. Tough for you it’s an on sale unit, but other players can still purchase just part of it, like 50 timber. If you don’t want to sale the rest, you can cancel your Order in Market and take the rest back.

    How do I upgrade equipment of certain heroes?
    Better equipment can increase your strength in fighting. Enter the Smith and you’ll find the Enhancement panel, you can click on the “Select” icon on the upper right corner to enhance the equipment wore by certain hero.

    Or, you can also upgrade certain equipment with certain level.

    How will my formation of troops affect my defense and damage?
    There are now 4 kinds of formation in total, and they do will affect your fighting as part of your tactics. Find out information of formation in HERE.

    Other tips

    1. When fighting in Arena, equipment purchased in Arena would be the best choice. You can purchase more Arena equipment only if you fight more and win there.

    2. While waiting for the cooldown or construction time of the main quest, it’d be a good choice to complete some side quests. You’ll gain resources or items there!

    3. Every time you receive new equipment, don’t forget to put them on, they would help you a better performance in fighting. If you failed defeating a higher level NPC, try upgrade your equipment.

    4. If you failed in Arena or Explore, couldn’t complete your main quest, you should think about upgrade your equipment and adjust your tactics. Like the defense and damage side in Arena, the distribution of attribution of your heroes, recruit more soldiers, etc.

    5. It'd be also a good choice to use the Buff in Arena or in battle. HERE’s an instruction for these buff.

    6. One thing would affect your fighting in Race Up is your tactics. You can check your rivals’ before the fighting and adjust your attack and defense side (right or left).
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    Re: [Guide]A Guide for Lv0 to Lv20

    Postby rdhowell73 » Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:21 pm

    The times for chest to reset are NOT correct!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need a dev to UPDATE THIS GUIDE!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Re: [Guide]A Guide for Lv0 to Lv20

    Postby ModFiona » Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:11 pm

    Dear player,

    Thanks for pointing it out, already updated :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!