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Batheo Server Merge on Dec 16th @ 02:00 AM (EST)

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    Batheo Server Merge on Dec 16th @ 02:00 AM (EST)

    Postby ModFiona » Tue Dec 15, 2015 2:09 am

    With the goal of providing an even better game-play experience for every gamer, Batheo is about to begin the process of merging its first 3 servers (AQUILA+LEPUS+FORNAX) at 02:00 AM, Dec 16th (EST). Please stay tuned for further updates on this server mergers.


    Server Merge Rules

    1. If a gamer has multiple characters in the merged servers, all characters will be kept. When the gamer logs in the game after the server merge, they will be offered to choose a server. Gamers can only log in with one character at a time.

    2. If a gamer has several characters in the merged servers, they will have to exit the game and log in again to choose a character.

    3. If several characters with the same name end up on the new server after server merger, the higher level will keep his name.

    * If the gamer with a lower level logs in the game before the higher-level gamer after the server merges, the gamer will be prompted to rename the character; otherwise, the gamer will be added a serial number after his character name, like "Name1".

    * If merged characters have the same level, the first one to log into the new server will keep their name. The others will have to rename their characters.

    4. If two leagues with the same name end up on the same server, the higher level league will keep its name. The lower-level league will have the number "1" added after its name, for example, UFO (the higher-level league) and UFO 1 (the lower-level league).

    5. After servers merge, League Farm occupation, gamer's Farmland and Silver Mine occupation and Colony may be cleared.

    6. After servers merge, the higher city Prosperity of the two servers will be taken into the new merged server. The Faction Occupation Rate of the merged server will be the average value of that of the two original servers.

    7. Gamer's items in the Chest will be kept during the server merger.

    8. After server merger, the characters that are at Lv 19 or below, have not purchased Gold and have not logged in the game for 30 days will be deleted.

    9. All other aspects of servers will remain the same as that of the original server.

    Note: Do not save important information in the in-game mail. Any information that lost during server mergers cannot be recovered.

    About Gamers' Accounts

    1. About Creating Characters

    Creating characters in the first 3 servers will not be allowed the day before server mergers until after the server mergers are finished.

    2. Deleting Abandoned Accounts

    All accounts of the characters that meet the following 3 conditions at the same time will be deleted during the server mergers. Deleted characters cannot be recovered.

    * Have not logged in the game for 30 days.
    * Level of characters at Lv 19 or below.
    * Have not purchased Gold.

    About Compensation

    Every gamer will get 300 Gold, 6,000,000 Drachmas as compensation. The compensation will be delivered to gamers' accounts during server mergers.

    Batheo Team