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Celebrity Tributes

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    Celebrity Tributes

    Postby IdeaChannel » Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:27 am

    Good day everyone, Celebrity Tributes are offered to every newcomer of this new competitive world! See what you can get as newcomer's gift!

    Ends on 3rd day of launching server.

    1. Sign in Batheo and click the activity icon on the right of the City interface.

    2. Meet ONE of the following requirements and you are qualified to draw Tribute:
    a. Consume specific Gold
    b. Consume specific Laurels
    c. Launch specific Expeditions
    Specific requirements can be checked on the in-game activity panel.

    3. During this activity, the effect of the Extra Levy increases by 30%, i.e., the Drachmas you gain from Extra Levy increases by 30%.

    4. When you get chance to draw Tribute, you can choose one from the six selections. You can get Drachmas, Gold, Divinity, Laurels, Prestige or Transcendence as rewards, and you may enjoy twice the bonuses, 4 times the bonuses or more times the bonuses at certain odds.


    Tributes are reset at 00:00 server time every day. Click "Celebrity Tributes" on the right of the screen to find more details. Remember to draw your Tributes in time!

    Drachmas, Gold, Divinity, Laurels, Prestige, Transcendence

    Rewards Delivery
    The rewards you get in this activity will be directly sent to your account.

    Batheo Team