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Military Ambitions

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    Military Ambitions

    Postby ModEdith » Tue Sep 30, 2014 3:20 am

    Military Ambitions
    All brave warriors, attention! A good chance of improving your strength comes in Batheo. Seize it and prepare yourself well to establish brilliant achievements in war.

    Server: S1 AQUILA
    1. Training: EXP gained from Fast Track training increases by 20%. Gold needed to remove training cooldown drops by half.
    2. Wash Attributes: Gold needed to wash attributes drops by 20%.
    3. Laurels Up: Attack Legions within Elite troops time and Laurels gained will increase by another 20%.
    4. Capture Heroes: Capture rate of all heroes increases by 50%.
    You can click "Military Ambitions" on the right of the screen to find more details.