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Archaeological Activity

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    Archaeological Activity

    Postby ModEdith » Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:49 am

    1.Get treasure map through trading, first trading must have treasure map. After first time, it depends on rate.
    2.Must team up to fulfill missions, collecting 3 fragments can finish missions. Get rewards from system.
    3.Team up must be same faction or allied country. Enemies can team up.
    4.Team leader can kick out any team player, only when all team players are ready, system can evaluate rewards.
    5.Players can use Golds to refresh Treasure Map quality and fragment classification, also can sell treasure map.
    6.How to evaluate the completion of activity? It requires to collect things at the top, middle and bottom of the treasure map. Players with different quality treasure map can finish tasks together.
    7.Treasure map will be eliminated at 00:00 each day.

    1.Every quality has a relevant reward. The higher quality, the higher rate of rewards.
    2.Basic rewards based on the level of city. Different levels will receive different rewards.
    3.Rewards are mainly with Drachmas and Gems, using high quality fragments may get Jewels.