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Castlot In-game Rules

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    Castlot In-game Rules

    Postby IdeaChannel » Wed Jan 15, 2014 4:48 am

    Dear all, thank you for playing Castlot with us.
    In order to provide players a comfortable community, we hope everyone can follow our in-game rules. Violating these rules will result in warnings, either formal or informal, suspensions, mute, banning, or other sanctions. We try very hard to be fair, and not to use sanctions without good reason.

    Rule 1: Respect other users in game.
    - Do not bully or insult other users, either in chat-box, in-game mail or through private messages. Disagreements and debates are fine, but don’t make it personal.
    - Do not attack groups. This includes professions, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, incomes, or even vague groups like “you people.”
    - Do not use terms which are offensive to groups, such as “gay” or “retard” as an insult.
    - Do not use offensive terms as names of character, city, League, etc.
    - Do not haze new users. We were all new once, it should be a better behavior to help the new comers grow better and have more fun with us together.

    Rule 2: Respect the law.
    - Do not say anything illegal under U.S. law, or encourage other users to break the laws of the U.S. or their country of residence.
    - Do not encourage users to break PanDiva’s Terms of Service. This includes giving information about how to find or use scripts, exploits, or cheats, as well as arranging to buy or sell accounts or virtual goods.

    Rule 3: Respect the audience. Remember that we have teenagers here with us.
    - Keep your language civil. Excessive profanity is not allowed.

    Rule 4: Respect privacy.
    - Do not leak any private emails or private messages unless you have the explicit permission of each person involved in the exchange.

    Rule 5: Respect your account.
    - Do not share your account information with other individuals. You will be held responsible for any rules violations that occur under your account.
    - Do not create ‘sock puppet’ accounts. Creating multiple accounts would not make you seem smarter, and it is not fair to other players.

    Rule 6: Respect the moderators.
    - Do not impersonate moderators. Do not claim to speak for the moderators.
    - In-game moderators are not employees of PanDiva, they are normal players who are enthusiastic to help players and us. The moderators attempt to act professionally, but don’t expect them to be perfect, infallible machines – that’s just not realistic.
    - The moderation teams reserves the right to warn, suspend, or mute users judged to be acting against the spirit of the rules.
    - You can appeal their decision via Contact GM function in System Menu. The host of the game, Ideachannel will read and handle it.

    PanDiva may revise these rules at any time. You are expected to check this page from time to time to make note of any recent changes.