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[Activity] Events Schedule of March

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    [Activity] Events Schedule of March

    Postby ModWings » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:47 pm

    Dear all, the following event schedule of March is for you, have a good time. :)
    1. Speedy Dragon Evolution:During the activity, all players can use “Advanced Raising” and “Elite Raising” to raise the beast at a 20% discount. Enjoy the lightning evolution now!
    2. Faction Battle
    3. Endless Fortune: During the activity, you can have 30% discount for using diamonds to open Avalon Chest. Endless fortune will be there.
    4. Jack Sparrow's Treasure
    5. Power of Spell Books
    6. Ultimate Alchemy Paradise
    1). During this activity, you just need to spend half the usual Diamonds to Alchemize each time.
    2). For example, suppose players need 8 Diamonds to Alchemize once before this activity, they just need to spend 4 Diamonds to Alchemize during this activity.
    7. Bumper Harvest of Cards: During the activity, you can draw two Cards from Card Deck A (Normally only one). More Cards, More Surprises!
    8. Finding CASTLOT
    9. Recharge Bonus: As long as one-time purchase reach certain amount, you will get free Diamonds corresponding.
    10. Shopping Spree: During this event, there are specially wrapped Gift Packages available in the Shop's discount section! Save up to 70% off! Hurry up to get these hot gifts!
    11.Rosy Road to Glory

    Castlot Team
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    Re: [Activity] Events Schedule of March

    Postby gonades1 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:54 pm

    So one more time :

    "We" on newly merged server are wondering , why is there NO Faction battle for month of March , we are more then ready and we would be sooooooooo happy if you can some how squeeze it in , March 18 - 20 would be perfect days , not much is happening that weekend
    Please , we would really appreciate it , there is nothing worse than , boring weekend
    Thank you
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    Postby 56963 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:58 pm

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