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Account Transfer Announcement

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    Account Transfer Announcement

    Postby ModWings » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:00 am

    Dear players,
    Hello! We have received a large number of feedbacks concerning transfering account since the shutdown notification of Clapalong's Batheo came. And the sadness can be read from your words. So we had a serious discussion with both Clapalong representatives and the game developer, the result is that it is feasible to transfer Clapalong's Batheo account to Pandiva's. However, the transfer needs to saftisfy the following conditions.
    1.The players should be in S62 or S63 of Clapalong. That is to say, those accounts in other servers can not be transfered.
    2.In addition, you need to register a new account in S1001 of Pandiva(If you have had one account on it, you do not need to regiester another one. Notice: the account on Pandiva would be replaced by the Clapalong's account.)
    What's more, try your best to offer us your account information, inlcuding your nickname in game and account name(email address) on two platforms, and order number on clalalong(your payment records). The above information should be sent to our email address, The deadline is this Sunday. So please contact us via email as soon as possible. Besides, we will transfer accounts next week, and you will be told by us via email after transfer is finished. Thank you for your long term support. We sincerely hope you will enjoy Batheo on Pandiva platform.
    Batheo Team